by Peter Colclasure

Antigo is a small town in northern Wisconsin. Many of the compositions on this album were informed by the pastoral, wooded landscape of that region. For instance, "County K" was inspired by a rather hilly rural highway connecting Merrill and Wausau.

These works unite different eras of my life. "Period Piece" started off as a music theory exercise in college, and was finished ten years later. "Everything I Love Is Stolen" and "They Took Every Step . . ." were both written for ballet choreography while I was living in Seattle. The rest were composed in California.

Some wonderful musicians contributed their time and talent to this album:

Christina Mok performed "Palindrome," which inadvertently turned out to be a fiendishly difficult piece on violin.

Alan Chen is a local San Jose violinist with a colossal work ethic and a beautiful singing tone. He played violin on "Reverence" and "Partita."

Freya Seeburger, also known as Cellista, played cello on "Reverence." She is a San Jose cellist, artistic director, and arts advocate, known for orchestrating wonderful live events that include classical music, performance art, dance, video projection, and hip-hop. Please check out her wonderful music here.

"Exit Velocity" utilized the talents of Joe Bernstein, a Madison percussionist that I used to play with in the Kissers. Also Kenny Schick, who recorded the album, performed saxophone.